WordPress Backup Service

Secure and reliable off-site backups plus quick site restorations.

Worry-free WordPress cloud backups

Maintaining current website backups is a vital component of your daily website maintenance needs. Without a backup you’re not able to restore your site should it go down due to user accident, hardware problems, or any number of other causes. A quick, reliable site restoration limits downtime.

What we do

Cinch provides daily backups of your WordPress site, stores them on a secure, remote cloud server and keeps a 30 day archive of all your backups. We automatically backup:

  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Uploads (media)
  • Database

Daily backups are appropriate for many businesses. However, if your business is e-commerce, or if you publish many changes to your site throughout the day, you’ll want to add real-time backups to your plan.

WordPress Cloud Backups are automatically included in our Essential Support WordPress maintenance plan.

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