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As part of your Essential Support maintenance plan, you’ll receive Cinch’s personal service and access to a developer at a reduced hourly rate of $50/hr for any task, large or small. A one-hour minimum applies.

Does your WordPress site need a little attention to make it look great or to finally fix a nagging issue? Or do you need reliable website IT support on an ongoing basis? Cinch has been helping customers just like you since 2007–doing little fixes, on-going development and complete site re-builds.

What we can do

  • WordPress Installations
  • Fix WordPress errors or bugs
  • Plugin Installation & Setup, including Premium Plugins
  • Staging Environments
  • WordPress Consulting
  • and More


WordPress help is accomplished by the hour at a rate of $50/hr with any
Essential Support WordPress maintenance plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only support WordPress sites?

Yes. Some people are satisfied being decent at a few things. We prefer to be experts in one.

Does it matter what kind of WordPress theme I'm using?

Nope. We support ALL WordPress sites. So, whether you're using a free, paid or custom theme built specifically for you, we'll support it.

Does Cinch support WordPress Multisite?

Why yes, we support both WordPress Multisite and Multisite Network! However, the wide variety of setup options and configurations require that we get more information from you upfront.

Am I under a contract?

If we were pro wrestlers, we'd put long-term contracts in the sleeper hold. (That’s our way of saying “no.”)

Billing is month-to-month and is automatically charged to the card on file for your convenience. You can cancel whenever you want, but we’d rather you stay.

Stuff is broken on my WordPress site... Will you fix that?

Yes, we will.

After you sign up for one of our support plans, we complete a comprehensive site audit (link to How it Works page). During this audit, we may spend several hours fixing minor issues with your site to improve its functionality and performance.

If you have additional requests to improve your site or fix content-related issues (i.e.: things that go beyond general maintenance), we can most likely address those with a free 30-Minute Fix.

If you want your entire website redesigned and rebuilt, well, that may take upwards of 40 - 100 hours… and that's not covered. If that’s what you’re looking for, however, we’d be happy to send you a bid!

For more information on Cinch’s initial audit, 30-Minute Fixes and more complex fixes, please follow the relevant embedded links. If you’re still confused, please feel free to chat with us or email us. We’d be happy to walk you through everything.

Will you fix my site if I am not signed up for one of your maintenance plans?

No, sorry. We only provide development services to customers on our support plans.

How do you connect to my site?

We create an Admin User for Cinch – but don’t worry – you retain full control and can remove us at any time.

We then add the necessary plugins to connect your site to our backup, security and software tools. Click here to learn more (link to Welcome Aboard resource post).

Do you need access to my website host?

In certain circumstances, we will need access to your hosting account. This will give us access to the site files and the database in order to fix things. Click here to learn more (link to Welcome Aboard resource post).

My current website host provides backups. Why do I need Cinch backups?

Most website hosts provide free backups as part of your hosting. However, these backups are not useful (read: not good enough) in a wide variety of scenarios to actually restore your site quickly and fully.

For instance, if your site gets hacked, crashes or the server fails, you will want your site repaired, remote tested and restored as soon as humanly possible. Most hosts will not fix or test, and are unable to perform a quick restore. Click here to learn more (link to article on backups)

What are plugins and why do I need them?

Plugins are software extensions with a certain set of functions that can be added to your WordPress site to expand its functionality.

In plain English, plugins are cool and easy downloads that let your website do more things.

Plugins can do anything from adding a photo gallery or a sophisticated calendar, to running an affiliate platform or selling goods through e-commerce. There are thousands of plugins available, either free or licensed (premium plugins), and most all WordPress sites utilize variety of plugins.

Like everything in life, there are good and bad plugins. Some plugins are supported and updated often, while some plugins are out of date and can break your site. That is why we conduct a one-time Plugin Audit with every new support plan.

Will you update my premium plugins?

We update every plugin that we’re allowed to.

From time to time, we find a premium plugin installed on a customer’s site that has not been licensed or has expired. If we’re not able to update it, we will send you a message through our support system about the issue.

In most cases, we will ask you to renew the license or ask if we can take over the license renewal process for you. If we take over the license renewal process, you will be charged an annual fee relative to the license cost. Learn more about premium plugins (link to premium plugins article).

What is a site staging environment?

A staging environment is used to test code, software updates and new site builds to ensure the site is working as it should. To run these tests, we make a copy of your website and apply the desired improvements and updates to the copy within the secure staging environment before implementing the changes to the live site.

Staging environments are especially important when updating WooCommerce sites (Why WooCommerce often needs a staging environment).

What if an update breaks my site?

Once in a while, an update to a theme or plugin will cause unexpected issues with your site.

In these rare cases, we first roll your site back to its most recent (working) backup, then investigate what went wrong. Once we find the problem, we will inform you of what happened and give recommendations to remedy the issue.

More often than not, one of our free 30-Minute Fixes will get the job done.

Will I get charged for anything beyond the maintenance I signed up for?

Never, unless we receive your explicit approval.

Any work beyond what is included in your plan will not be done unless you give us the go-ahead. Many problems, thankfully, can be corrected within the timeframe of our free 30-Minute Fixes.

Some fixes, however, exceed the time commitment and scope of our 30-Minute Fixes. If we determine this to be the case, we will contact you with an estimate of the work required and our plan to remedy the issue. With your blessing, we will perform the fix at a reduced development rate (link to article on development hours) of $50/hour – which doesn’t kick in until after your free 30-Minute Fix.

Also, if you’d like us to manage your premium plugins, we can. We do charge for the software, however.

Do you use any third party technologies?

We integrate certain best-of-class technologies into our maintenance plan when appropriate. For example, we administer backups through BlogVault and monitor security with Site Lock.

Do you offer around the clock technical support?

Not at the moment, no.

Our entire staff is U.S.-based. We’re real people who have real lives. If we get enough demand for support at 1 a.m. we'll consider adding it. Until then, we’ll keep our hours as is.

Our support hours are 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday.

How do I update my credit card?
  1. Login to your account at cinchws.com.
  2. Click the link to “Subscriptions” in the sidebar.
  3. Click “View” on each subscription
  4. Click “Change Payment” and update your card.
How do I make a support request?

If you are a current customer and would like to make a support request, please log into your account and Submit a Ticket from the dashboard.

How do I cancel my subscription?
  1. Login to your account at cinchws.com
  2. Click the link to Subscriptions
  3. Click View on the subscription you wish to cancel
  4. Click Cancel
Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes! We’d love to partner with you.

Our affiliate program is ideal for website designers, developers or digital marketers that do not provide ongoing maintenance. To learn more about working with us, check out our affiliate program (link to affiliate page).

Do you offer website hosting?

Yes, we do, but only for Cinch maintenance subscribers. To find out more about Cinch hosting, click here (link to hosting article).

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