Chrome 46 removes HTTP / HTTPS mixed content warning

Google announced yesterday on their Online Security Blog that they’ll be retiring the yellow caution triangle badge that appeared when Chrome detected a “HTTPS with Minor Errors” state. This appeared when a website had a mixed-content warning and will now show the same gray “page” icon that appears on a HTTP page.

Here’s a view of the change:


Google says their doing this to simplify things for Chrome users and offer a ‘better visual indication of the security state of the page relative to HTTP.” I suspect this is to help push developers to switch to HTTPS sooner by not showing a warning and potentially freaking out less tech savvy users. The yellow badge was never really that useful as most mixed-content issues reveal a site that “Isn’t fully secure, but it will usually not be less secure than before.”

But what about mixed content?

Developers will still want to fix mixed-content errors, so thankfully the Console in Web Inspector will still show mixed content issues:


This update was pushed as Chrome 46 yesterday so you may already see this change. If not visit Chrome’s preference page and it should update itself.

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