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Cinch is your personal web support team that frees you to focus on the important things in life. Get to it, we’ve got this.

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Cinch is your personal WordPress support team

Running a business these days means also running a website. And just like a cafe or retail shop has a team to help maintain the HVAC and plumbing, Cinch is the team for maintaining, supporting, and securing your website.

Wondering if your site
is vulnerable?

30,000 websites get hacked every day. The majority are legitimate small businesses unaware their website is distributing malcious code. Cinch can clean up these issues and help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Don’t lose a single
sale or blog post

Maintaining a reliable, scheduled backup of your web means that when catastrophy hits, you’re covered. For ecommerce sites, keeping a backup in real time is even more important. Don’t lose a single sale is what we always say.

Sure WordPress is easy.
If you know it.

WordPress now powers about 25% of the entire web, so it must be really easy right? If you’ve studied HTML, CSS, and PHP, then yes. If not, give us a shout or start a chat – we’ll make those WordPress headaches go away.

Named one of the

“10 Best WordPress Support Services Available in 2016”

by Elegant Themes

We take care of ANY
WordPress powered website

No long term contracts. Really nice people.

Online Retailers

Does a hacked site keep you up at night? Time to sleep well my friend.

Sales & Agents

You're a people-person and your site’s not people. Go close sales, we've got this.


Writing should mean informing and persuading, not cleaning up spam.


Did you really expect your job would be fixing a broken website? We did.

Your Website

We do things Silicon Valley won’t. Like actually give a rip about your site.


Our budget-friendly support plan is nearly as friendly as our support service!


We work hard to give your citizens one less thing to complain about.


We’ll keep your hard work lookin’ great and runnin' smooth.


Remember when your rival’s site was just a big error page? Whew, not you.

Make Cinch part of your team

Cinch Web Services is U.S. based and has been providing personal, hands-on, website management since 2007. We believe that professional website support should be accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our unique approach of directly and daily servicing our customers’ WordPress websites, and awesome no-obligation maintenance services, has earned us raves.

Bryan Hoffman

WordPress Development Leader

Chris Opsahl

Customer Support Leader

Kari Moe

Accounts & Billing Leader

We’ve been working with Cinch for two years and could not be more happy with their customer service!

Sally JohnsonOwner

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