How to bulk enable reviews in WooCommerce

WooCommerce reviews are a great way to engage with your customers around your products. If you have an established e-commerce site that doesn’t have product reviews enabled, you might be surprised to find there is no way to bulk enable them out of the box. 

Let’s solve that.

Step 1: Enable WooCommerce Reviews

The first step is to ensure that WooCommerce reviews are enabled in the main settings. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and make sure Enable product reviews is checked:

You can also choose other product review settings like enabling star ratings or whether a reviewer is required to have purchased the product before reviewing. I personally like these options.

Enable reviews on a per-product basis

Once the global WooCommerce reviews have been enabled, you will need to enable reviews on a per product basis. Any product that was created before enabling reviews will be set to disabled. 

To enable, choose the Quick Edit button on a product and there you will find a checkbox to enable reviews for that product:

Enable reviews on a bulk-product basis

The bulk edit feature in WordPress is pretty great for changing things en masse on posts and products. I was surprised to find that there is no option for enabling reviews when bulk editing products. For e-commerce site owners with a lot of products this can be a problem.

Thankfully Mario Valney has provided us with a quick plugin to do so. He has posted the plugin as a gist on Github that you can find here

Save this code as a file, then zip it, then install as any new WordPress plugin. Remember that WordPress requires a plugin to be in zip format if you want to upload from the admin. You can also simply download the gist from Github as a zipped file.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can now bulk edit products by choosing two or more products, clicking on the Bulk Actions select button and find the ability to enable (or disable) reviews:

There you have it, easy bulk enabling of reviews. There are other ways to do it via phpMyAdmin, but I’ve found this to be much easier. Feel free to delete the plugin once you’re done.

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Cover Photo by Josh Campbell on Unsplash


Thanks for the info! I was looking for a way to bulk enable reviews in WooCommerce and as you mentioned, I was surprised as well to see that there was no way of doing it by default. This did the trick!


Where exactly inside Woo do I find this new ability to bulk edit? Spent the last 20 minutes looking for where to change the setting after installing and activating the plugin. Might have been some good info to include in your article.


    I assumed that ‘bulk editing’ products would be self explanatory, but I can see why it’s confusing. I’ve updated the article, adding instructions on bulk editing.


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