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$149 / mo

Keep Your Store At Its Best

Packed with all of the support of our most popular plan, WooCommerce Support includes real-time backups to ensure you never lose another sale. Private staging allows us to test new products and features without your site going down for maintenance, and performance improvements keep your store running better than ever.

Introducing Free 30-Minute Fixes

Sometimes minor issues can cause major problems with your website… and we don’t believe in charging extra for the little things. If we can fix it in under 30 minutes, it’s free — every time.


Your WooCommerce Support is more than just a quick fix...
It's our commitment to you.

What's included in the WooCommerce Support plan:

30 Minute Fixes

Need a little WordPress help? Free fixes for anything that takes us less than 30-min.

Real-Time Cloud Backups

Dependable encrypted cloud backups of your entire WordPress website in real time.

Software Updates

Software updates upon release to keep your site secure, free of bugs and performing at its best.


Not only do we continuously monitor your site for security issues, we fix them for free.


We provide an exact copy of your site where no one else can see it so you can develop, test and debug before going live with changes.

Uptime Monitoring

We constantly check on your site to make sure it’s up and running. Which means we’ll catch it right away if it goes down.

Plugin Audit

Do you know what plugins are running your site? Do you need them? Are there better solutions? We will take a look.

Performance Optimizations

Website speed, database optimization, caching, file minification and spam removal for better performance.

You have better things to do with your time.

Leave your website maintenance and support to the professionals.

We’ve been working with Cinch for two years and could not be more happy with their customer service!

Sally JohnsonOwner