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Real-time backups are a must for any e-commerce site, sites with high user-interaction, and sites that are updated throughout the day. With a regular daily backup schedule, there is a possibility of losing data even though you have a daily backup. E-commerce and news sites that have multiple updates each day risk losing data in the middle of a day if disaster strikes.

With our real-time backup service, a backup occurs anytime a purchase is made, a user signs up, a contact form is submitted, a price is updated — every time a change is made to the site. As soon as a change is detected, our servers immediately sync with the site and record the change.

What we do

Cinch will configure and monitor your real-time backup process. Anytime a WordPress component is changed a record is instantly made so your themes, plugins, uploads, and database always have a current backup copy. If needed, we restore your site to the last backup saved and get you back online quickly.

What kind of changes can trigger a backup?

  • New Order Placed
  • Item Placed into Cart
  • Contact Form Submitted
  • User Comment is Posted
  • New Post/Page Published
  • Database Changes
  • User Created or Changed
  • New Media Posted
  • Or Any Site Interaction


Real-time Backups are included in our Essential Support for WooCommerce maintenance plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only support WordPress sites?


Does it matter what kind of WordPress theme I'm using?

Nope.  We support ALL WordPress sites, so whether you're using a free, paid, or custom theme built specifically for you, we'll support it.

Will you update my premium plugins?

We update every plugin that we’re allowed to. From time to time, we find a premium plugin installed on a customer’s site that has not been licensed or has expired. If we’re not able to update it, we will send you a message through our support system about the issue and ask you to renew the license or ask if we can take over the license renewal process for you (in this case, you will be charged an annual fee relative to the license cost).

What if an update breaks my site?

Once in a while, an update to a theme or plugin will cause unexpected issues with your site. In these rare cases, we first roll your site back to a previous state, then investigate what went wrong. We inform you of what happened, and give recommendations to remedy the issue.

Do you use any third party technologies?

We integrate certain best-of-class technologies into our maintenance plan when appropriate. For example, we administer backups through BlogVault and monitor security with Site Lock.

Do you offer around the clock technical support?

Not at the moment, no. Our entire real, live staff is U.S. based, and have real lives. If we get enough demand for support at 1am in the morning we'll consider adding it.

Our support hours are 9am - 6pm Central, Monday through Friday.

How do I make a support request?

If you are a current customer and would like to make a support request, please log into your account and Submit a Ticket from the dashboard.

Does Cinch support WordPress Multisite?

Why yes, we support both WordPress Multisite and Multisite Network. However, the wide variety of setups options and configurations require that we get more information up-front.

Do you lock me into a long-term contract?

If we were pro wrestlers, we'd put long-term contracts in the sleeper hold. Cancel whenever you want, but it'd be better if you stayed :)

How do I cancel my subscription?
  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the link to Subscriptions
  3. Click View on the subscription you wish to cancel
  4. Click Cancel

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