WooCommerce 3.5.1 Changelog

3.5.1 – 2018-10-31

  • Fix – Use CRUD method to get product images to fix custom tables missing images. #21608
  • Fix – Use HTML entity for times sign when outputting dimensions to fix RTL support. #21633
  • Fix – Fix India address format to look nice in the shipping calculator. #21647
  • Fix – Don’t default gallery variation images to gallery thumbnail size if flexslider is disabled. #21655
  • Fix – Revert show shipping behavior change to prevent missing shipping line on Cart page. #21658
  • Fix – Removed non-existing WC_Product_Simple->set_date_created_gmt method. #21675
  • Fix – Use correct comment_type when fetching recent reviews for widget. #21689
  • Fix – Do not include strong tags as part of translation string on subscriptions disconnect message. #21690
  • Fix – Make it possible to send webhooks with the v3 API. #21745
  • Fix – Fix get_cart_from_session infinite loop when filters used. #21749
  • Fix – Use array instead of string to define class for address line 2 input on checkout. #21757
  • Fix – Make checkout fields priority work correctly again. #21763
  • Tweak – Remove mentions of deprecated live shipping rates from setup wizard. #21645
  • Tweak- Update product block editor hook for WP 5.0. #21703
  • Tweak – Merged similar strings to reduce number of translateable strings. #21704
  • Tweak – Remove hated “Over to you” text from emails. #21709
  • Tweak – Revert problematiic customer as post author change. #21740

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