How to Set Up Google Maps API Credentials and Enable Billing


  1. Me)))

    You are perfect! Your post very helped!
    I made everything, but anyway was this problem. And only after this artile the problem was solved
    GOOGle validate my card, so i thought the problem was not in billing, but…. it was billing)))))
    I made “Step 1” as discribed in this article and also corrceted my billing information! There was only my name, without surname
    Thank you a lot! Because I really tired to find solutions!!!!!!!)))))

    1. Glad you found it helpful Me)))

  2. YK

    Hello, thanks for detail posting..

    My API Key is not working on my site now.

    I didnt enrole the billing account yer since I dont know the regulation well..

    So in summary, to activate API key, enabling billing acount is must?
    Is there no way to use API key without putting billing account?


    1. Yes, you must set up a billing account to enable API keys

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