Upcoming Google Maps API billing changes

Earlier this year Google announced changes to the Google Maps API. They are calling it Google Maps Platform and among the updates are changes to the pricing and a valid credit card will be required to use the Google Maps API. So a few changes need to be made to accounts to ensure connections to the API continue working after July 16th.

Steps to take to keep Google Maps working

  • Visit the Guide for Existing Users
  • Click on the Transition Tool button
  • If you’re not logged in already go ahead and log in with the account you used to create the Google Maps API key for your project
  • Go through the steps in the Guide to add billing information for you project/s.
  • Update your API key so that it only functions on intended domains
  • Review Pricing tier table

Still use Google Maps API for free

The good news is that most users will still be able to use the API for free. The first $200 of service is covered by Google. Most of our customers use the Dynamic map, and the free version would cover up to 28,000 page views. Certainly, check out the new pricing table to see the full costs.

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