40 years: The Edmund Fitzgerald

As a kid growing up in Central Minnesota I’d never heard of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The wreck made famous by Gordon Lightfoot was a legend that would have been lost on my Gen X adolescence had my parents thought of passing it along. It wasn’t until I left for college on the shores of Lake Superior that I’d even heard of the story and how it still gripped the city of Duluth, Minnesota. Since then Ten November has forever held a special day in my heart and I light a candle in my heart for the 29 souls who lost their lives that night.

It’s been 40 years and I’ve nothing new to add to the story. Thankfully, better reports than this exist.

Still, we at Cinch we love All Things Maritime™ and in honor of 40 years and 29 lives, here’s the song to remember it by:

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