WooCommerce 3.2 rescheduled for October 11 release date

WooCommerce has updated the schedule for the next major release:

We have a small number of remaining open issues that need to be fixed before we can tag and send out the release candidate (RC) for WooCommerce 3.2. When we ship an RC it means we think we’re done, so it is important that all known issues are fixed before that happens. To ensure a successful release and give everyone time to test we have pushed back the RC and the release of WooCommerce 3.2 by one week. Here is the new release schedule:
Release candidate: September 27th 2017
WooCommerce 3.2: October 11th 2017

Preparing Test Environments

Here at Cinch will be preparing test environments for all of our Essential Support for WooCommerce customers to test compatibility issues prior to updating live websites.

It is highly recommended to test major releases of WooCommerce in a test environment before updating a production website. WooCommerce recommends it as best practice as well.  This is often done by setting up a second installation of the site with your host and installing a backup of your site there.

Cinch provides all of our WooCommerce support customers with a test environment for major releases as part of the subscription.

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