WooCommerce Variable Subscription Add to Cart URL’s


  1. The never+expire attribute didn’t pull the subscription product into the cart. How do you add to cart if you have multiple subscription frequencies for each variable product?

    1. Hi Anna,

      Do you have AJAX enabled for your cart? I’m not sure that’s the fix, but just wanted to check there first.

  2. rtpHarry

    I needed to know the variation bit to update an existing link. Thanks.

    Just a little bonus tip; instead of /cart/?add-to-cart… you can use /checkout/?add-to-cart… to add to cart and go directly to checkout.

  3. Lauren

    Hi there,
    Wondering how to add specific subscription frequencies to the url? I’ve tried ?&attribute_frequency=6+Weeks and &attribute_frequency=every+6+weeks and &attribute_frequency=every+6th+week to no avail.

    1. Hi Lauren,
      You’ll need to find the actual slug for that attribute… To do this you may need to do some sleuthing in the inspector when editing a product… Here’s an article that shows what I mean: https://www.lankawebsites.com/blog/woocommerce-add-product-directly-cart-using-url-link/

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