Does it matter what kind of WordPress theme I’m using?

There are literally* a million WordPress themes out there to choose from. We support ALL WordPress sites, so whether you’re using a free, paid, or custom theme built specifically for you, we’ll support it.

There are things to consider, however, depending on what type of theme you have. Let’s go through some of them.

Custom Themes

If your site was built from scratch by an awesome design shop like Spigot or Studio2, you’ve got a custom theme. These types of sites are rarely updated in terms of the underlying code. When they are, the developers are updating them by hand and we are never notified an update is required. If an update to a plugin breaks something because of a conflict with your theme, we can work with the original developer to solve the issue. In many cases, we can resolve the conflict ourselves. This is very hand when the original developer is no longer in the picture.

Premium Themes

Themes purchased from shops like Elegant Themes (Divi), StudioPress (Genesis), or on a market like Theme Forest are considered Premium Themes. They are often updated on a regular basis, but this isn’t always the case. We will update any Premium Theme that is licensed and notifies us in a way we can monitor. Many theme vendors build specialized update systems that we are unable to monitor. This requires us to log directly into their system and update the theme for you. If you notice a theme update is available and we haven’t updated it for you, get a hold of us and we’ll update it.

Free Themes

The WordPress theme repository currently contains over 3000 freely available themes. Many of them are fairly generic and we don’t see very many of them. These themes are updated in a standard way that we can monitor. We will update free themes from the WP repository within a day of the update becoming available.

Child Themes

WordPress has a feature that allows for a parent/child theme configuration. This allows a site to have the majority of theme functionality in a parent theme, and individual site customizations coded in a child theme. A theme author can then make changes to the parent theme without overwriting customizations in the child theme. This is the best way to build a website when using a Premium or Free theme, but you may see this as well when using a custom theme. Child themes are rarely updated, but when they are we’ll update them if we’re able to monitor for updates.


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