Gutenberg 4.6.0 Changelog

  • Fix issue with drag-and-drop in columns.
  • Fix TinyMCE list plugin registration.
  • Fix IE11 flexbox alignment when min-width is set.
  • Fix IE11 focus loss after TinyMCE init. Add IE check.
  • Fix getSelectedBlockClientId selector.
  • Fix issue where unregistering a block type would cause blocks that convert to it to break.
  • Fix Classic block not showing galleries on a grid.
  • Fix visual issues with Button block text wrap.
  • Fix modals in Edge.
  • Fix Categories block filter effect on the front-end.
  • Fix an issue where the block toolbar would cause an image to jump downwards when the wide or full – alignments were activated.
  • Apply IE11 input fix only when mounting TinyMCE.
  • Improve block preview styling.
  • Make the Image Link URL field readonly.
  • Disable HTML edit from Media & Text block.
  • Avoid loading theme editor styles if not existing (RTL languages).
  • Improve scoping of nested paragraph right-padding CSS rule.
  • Add e2e tests for the format API.
  • Merge similar text strings for i18n.
  • Move editor specific styles from style.scss to editor.scss in Cover block.
  • Simplify sidebar tabs aria-labels.
  • Remove onSplit from RichText docs.
  • Remove textdomain from the block library.
  • Avoid rendering AdminNotices compatibility component.
  • Avoid changing default wpautop priority.
  • Change @package names to WordPress.
  • Update published packages changelogs.

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