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Fix issue with drag-and-drop in columns.Fix TinyMCE list plugin registration.Fix IE11 flexbox alignment when min-width is set.Fix IE11 focus loss after TinyMCE init. Add IE check.Fix getSelectedBlockClientId selector.Fix issue where unregistering a block type would... Read more

In order to be able to use srcset and sizes on the front end, wp-image-### CSS class has been added to the media and text block.Add minimal multi-selection block panel to replace “Coming Soon” message. It shows word and block count for the selection.Exclude... Read more

Improves discoverability of permalinks by adding permalink panel to the document sidebar.Improves margins, column child block, and mobile display of columns.Allow for programmatically removing editor document panels.Replaces the uploading indicator of images and galleries with... Read more

Allow toggling the core custom fields meta box.Introduce Annotations API across Block and Formatting.Allow using a YouTube URL (or other sources) in the Video block and transparently convert it to Embed.Allow Alt+F10 keyboard shortcut to... Read more

Introduce the Formatting API for extending RichText.Use default Inserter for sibling block insertion.Support adding and updating entities in data module.Update block descriptions for added clarity and consistency.Add support for displaying icons in new block categories.Append registered toolbar buttons in RichText.Optimize SlotFill rendering to avoid... Read more

New Features Add ability to change overlay color in Cover Image.Introduce new Font Size Picker with clear labels and size comparison.Introduce new RichText data structure to allow better manipulation of inline content.Add Pullquote style variation... Read more

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