How to install and enable a WooCommerce extension from

Installing a plugin on your WordPress website is pretty straight forward, and can be done in a few different ways. WooCommerce extensions from are installed differently, and are managed within the WooCommerce plugin itself.

WooCommerce extension? Aren’t they just plugins?

WooCommerce extensions that you purchase from are essentially little plugins that extend the features of WooCommerce. And while you do add them using the WordPress plugin installer, they are meant to be managed through WooCommerce -> Extensions.

They are also now subscription based – meaning you’ll need to pay an annual fee to get support and the latest updated versions. You can continue to use the plugin if your subscription runs out – but again you won’t continue to get updates. We often recommend WooCommerce extensions over other plugins with similar functionality, despite this cost. Compared to similar plugins, these are

I thought you were going to tell me how to install an extension


The right way to install and enable an extension is to first connect your site to your account. Let’s do that.

1. Create a account and purchase extension subscription

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for the extension you want. This will require you to log into your account (or create a new one). You’ll then have a account that’s connected to your account.

2. Download your new extension

After the checkout process you should be offered a link to download the new extension. Do that now and save the zip file for later.

3. Connect your site to your account

Connecting your site with your Woo account will allow you to install, enable, and update your new extensions.

First, Log into your site and go to WooCommerce -> Extensions, and click on the subscriptions tab. Click on the Connect button:

If you’re still logged into you’ll then see a dialog requesting access:

Once you allow access you should then see a list of your available extensions:

4. Install extension via WordPress plugins

It would be really great if at this point WooCommerce allowed you to install and activate the extension directly from the subscriptions page, but for now that isn’t the case. You’ll need to use the standard WordPress plugin install system, and upload the zip file you downloaded earlier.

Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload; Find your file and upload; Activate

5. Activate the extension back in Subscriptions

Once the extension is installed and activated, let’s do a second activation to make sure we get updates and notifications. Go back to WooCommerce -> Extensions -> Subscriptions. You should hopefully now have the ability to activate your new extension:

Click on the INACTIVE toggle to activate:

And that should do it. You’ll now receive notices and be able to update the extension through the WordPress update system.

Auto Renew Subscriptions

You may notice in the screenshots above the extension is set to auto renew and the renewal date. We love this feature because of how many extensions and plugins we manage, and suggest that you do the same. It’s way to easy to let a subscription lapse and get caught out of date.

If you’re not keen on auto renewal and prefer to manually renew, you can enable and disable auto renew on your account. Log in and head to Subscriptions. In your list of extensions, you’ll see a similar toggle switch to auto renew:

Photo credit: Jaroslava Petrášová

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