Remove expired SSL certs before adding Let’s Encrypt

We love Let’s Encrypt because it makes running an SSL certificate easy to set-up, it renews automatically, and provides tough data encryption. You might be one of the many site owners who are interested in making the switch from an existing annual SSL to Let’s Encrypt. If so, make sure that you delete your expired SSL certificate, or your newly added Let’s Encrypt cert will not be used.

Here’s how to do it in WHM

  • Navigate to the Manage SSL Hosts page and find your domain associated with the expired SSL in the list of Installed SSL Hosts.
  • Click the Delete link and confirm the deletion on the next page.

Why wait? You can also do it in advance

You can also set Let’s Encrypt to take over automatically upon expiration of your old, annual cert. Just navigate to Manage Auto SSL and click the Options tab. Check Allow AutoSSL to replace invalid or expiring non-AutoSSL certificates and Save.

Under either option above, make sure that you’ve enabled Let’s Encrypt for you domain!

If you’re a Cinch hosting customer, we can encrypt your site for free using Let’s Encrypt certificates. Drop us a line, start a chat, or give us a call to get started.

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