WooCommerce 3.1 introduces native product import & export

The release of WooCommerce 3.1 included a number of great additions for store owners and we’ve found it to be stable and virtually conflict-free for most of our Essential Support for Woo customers.

This new version includes native CSV Import/Export functionality so you don’t need to manually enter data for every product you’re adding to your store. For stores with many SKUs this feature will shave hours off their workflows. CSV files up to 1Gb can be imported and if you’re including product Ids or SKUs you have the option of updating existing products, or skipping, making the importer very versatile. The importer can handle all product information including product variations from a single CSV file.

Credit: WooCommerce

You can also export products to CSV sorted by ID, name, SKU, stock, etc. A copy of the export is kept in your WP dashboard for 14 days after export.

Previously, to get similar functionality, you’d need to run WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite as a separate plugin with a separate license fee. We’re all about limiting plugins for improved site performance and are happy that WooCommerce 3.1’s native functionality is replacing it.

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