WordPress Recovery Mode Without Access to Admin Email


  1. Having serious issues with wordpress I am locked completely out of my site admin cannot access it in anyway can you help me with this?

    1. Hi Carl,

      I sent you a message about this. We can likely can help with this depending on the circumstances in how you are locked out.

  2. I’m logged out completely as well. Could you please contact me to solve this? I pressed “exit recovery mode” for some reason and now I can’t log in again. This is so frustrating…

    1. Hi Efstathios, if you want to start a chat with us on the site we might be able to walk you through the issues. You’ll need access to your server if you’re still locked out.

  3. Liz

    Hey Bryan!

    I received an email that a plugin: Jetpack (I was updating my plugins this morning) created an error on my website – I received the email with the recovery token however when I click it it says “Recovery Mode not initialized.” I have no access to my admin page :(!

    Would you able to help me out with this?

    Thank you!

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