Hardening WordPress (Part 1)

WordPress is a hugely popular content management platform. From it’s humble blogging beginnings, WordPress has developed into an online powerhouse used by organizations and businesses from Fortune 500 firms to shoe-string start-ups. In fact, W3 Techs reports that a whopping 58.6% of CMS run websites, or 24% of ALL websites use WordPress.

It no wonder then that WordPress has become a favorite target for hackers seeking mass exploits.

WordPress itself, is not insecure. The WordPress environment is broad and diverse and avails itself to many possible security risks. Hardening WordPress—the act of tightening up security—is also a broad and diverse topic comprised of many, many possible activities. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll start to discuss some of the ways to harden WordPress. Its by no means a complete compendium, but it’ll address things to consider. Looks for more information as additional parts to this post are released.

And, welcome to the new Cinch blog!

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