How Cinch handles Premium Plugins

What is a Premium Plugin?

A premium plugin is a WordPress extension that requires it’s own license in order for you to use it. There will also be a license fee that gives you access to future updates and developer support for the plugin for a set period of time. Premium plugins are typically built and sold by professional developers and are routinely updated for security, WordPress compatibility and functionality reasons.

Does my site use Premium Plugins?

It can be hard for WordPress users to know if their site is running premium plugins. Purchased themes may come with bundled premium plugins like sliders, form builders or page builders, yet are developed by different sources. Although your theme license includes the license for any bundled plugins, they may frequently get out-of-sync with each other, and will prevent future updates to the plugin. If you notice a plugin that is in need of an update, but automatic updates are not available, or you’re seeing a message about purchasing a license or renewing a subscription, chances are you’re dealing with a premium plugin.

My bundled plugins are out-of-sync with my theme

This is a common occurrence and one that shouldn’t be ignored since it leaves you open to potential security holes and may prevent your site from working properly. You have two options: either wait to see if your theme developer releases an update that includes the updated plugin or pay to license the plugin directly. In most cases, Cinch will recommend that you should license the plugin directly. Doing so helps ensure that your site stays secure and removes the problem of getting out-of-sync entirely. We can license the plugins you need on your behalf and although we include a small mark-up, we handle all of the needed configuration, installation and account management for you.

Will Cinch update my Premium Plugins?

If you have an active license, absolutely. If you need a new license we will contact you with your options for securing one. Plugins licensed on your behalf will be added to your Essential Support subscription and if the plugin has a specific term, will renew with your support subscription automatically.

If Cinch handles the license, what happens if I leave?

It really depends on the developer’s license agreement. Some licenses are able to be transferred to a new account and some expire at a certain point in time. We’d address your questions based on your unique needs.

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