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Google recently released it’s first major update to its 17 year old logo. Oh, it’s the still a crayon-colored text treatment, but the BIG CHANGE…no more serifs. And unlike Apple this change has really nothing to do with style. It has to do with bandwidth. Yep, you heard me.

Alissa Walker, writing for Gizmodo reports,

“Instead of giving their low-bandwidth users a crappy experience, a choice was made to not only redesign the logo but also generate a new logo using a vector-based file type called a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG), which was populated across the company for consistency. SVG is the best file format for logos; it’s the way all logos will appear soon. But Google’s designers also claim that without the serifs, the new logo was a smaller file size, meaning it can be viewed just fine by Google’s low-bandwidth friends”.

Check out the full article by Walker at Gizmodo.

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