How to back up an e-commerce website

I recently posted an article on detailing general guidelines for backing up a WordPress website. In that article I briefly touched on backing up an e-commerce website, but didn’t go into great detail. Thankfully, most of what I wrote there applies to backing up an e-commerce website:

  1. Don’t rely on your webhost
  2. Choose a backup method
  3. Choose a backup schedule
  4. Save backups off-site
  5. Check in and test once in a while

Step 3 above has special implications to e-commerce websites, especially those with high traffic and sales: Choose an appropriate backup schedule.

Real-time backups

We recommend that e-commerce websites be backed up on a real-time basis. Daily backup schedules usually occur at a specific time of the day. Depending on the service chosen, the website owner might not have control over when the backup runs. Since e-commerce sites undergo multiple changes per day, an outage occurring in the middle of the day could mean lost or missing sales. Real-time backups ensure that any change made to the site is immediately saved as a snapshot, and lost transactions are no longer a worry.

Services that offer real-time backups

The list of services that currently offer real-time backups is unfortunately small. Hopefully that changes soon:

  1. VaultPress
  2. blogVault (They say they do real-time backups, but I can’t find where it’s offered on their site. Might be coming soon. Also affiliate link.)
  3. Right here at Cinch, as part of our E-Commerce Suite!

If you know of any other services that offer real-time backups for WordPress and e-commerce, leave a comment below!

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