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Cinch Web Services has been providing personal, hands-on, website management since 2007. Our unique approach of directly and daily servicing our customer’s websites has earned us raves. When a customer subscribes with Cinch, they know our developers are looking after their site as if it were their own. We pride ourselves on expert WordPress and site security knowledge, with the utmost attention to servicing our customers. See what customers are saying about Cinch.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Bryan Hoffman

WordPress Development Lead

Bryan is one of Cinch's founders and leads the development team for internal systems and customer care. He is known nationally for his WordPress expertise, was a leader in the movement toward responsive websites, and solves complex problems for our customers in a helpful, efficient and easy-going manner.

Chris Opsahl

Customer Support Lead

Chris leads Cinch’s customer service team, focusing on quick, smart and effective solutions for clients’ needs. As one of Cinch's founders, Chris has been actively involved in the ever-changing world of online businesses and WordPress, and strives to make each customer experience a positive one.

Kari Moe

Accounts & Billing Lead

Kari has been with Cinch since 2009 and manages customer accounts. She has an extensive background in management with a keen focus on customer service, and can also wrangle WordPress pretty darn well. With expertise in content services and website marketing, Kari provides valuable support to our customers.

We’ve been working with Cinch for two years and could not be more happy with their customer service!

Sally JohnsonOwner

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