WooCommerce 3.1.0 Changelog


3.1.0 – 2017-06-28

  • Feature – Built-in product CSV importer and exporter for products.
  • Feature – Display (toggle-able) terms inline on the checkout rather than showing a link.
  • Feature – On the “pay for order” page, if logged out show a login form rather than an error message.
  • Feature – Enabled oembed support for product short descriptions.
  • Feature – Added bulk variation update for stock status.
  • Feature – On customer profiles: added a button to copy billing address to shipping address.
  • Feature – Setup Wizard – Automatic Shipping Zone Creation In Setup Wizard for the base location.
  • Feature – Setup Wizard – Added a new optional Storefront Theme step if you’re using a non-WooCommerce compatible theme.
  • Feature – Made it possible to manage extension licenses purchased from WooCommerce.com on the extensions screen.
  • Tweak – Gallery – Added a data-caption for captions to support both captions and titles for SEO.
  • Tweak – Gallery – Used smoothHeight setting to better support images of different heights.
  • Tweak – UI – Added blank states for API keys & webhooks.
  • Tweak – UI – Made Product submenu labels consistent in admin.
  • Tweak – UI – Changed street address field label and placeholder to minimize user error on checkout.
  • Tweak – UI – Added a confirmation before deleting log files.
  • Tweak – If prices are the same for all variations, use price not priceSpecification in structured data.
  • Tweak – Added variable so shipping calculator is shown on first row only when showing multiple shipping packages.
  • Tweak – Updated mini-cart HTML to use a list.
  • Tweak – Allow linking to single product additional_information tab from url hash.
  • Tweak – Re-included WooCommerce endpoints on the appearance > menus screens.
  • Tweak – Always sync incorrect titles on variation read regardless of version.
  • Tweak – Standardize rating HTML in all templates.
  • Tweak – When searching, disable WC sort order so results are sorted by relevance.
  • Tweak – Update price sorting code to use min or max for variable products depending on sorting direction.
  • Tweak – Utilize $product method to get thumbnail in loops.
  • Tweak – Check for an existing display name before updating a user on checkout. Adds display_name prop to the CRUD.
  • Tweak – Adapt variable product price used in sorting based on direction of sort.
  • Tweak – Made state validation less strict for keys.
  • Tweak – For COD orders, force payment complete status to be completed.
  • Fix – Use get_max_purchase_quantity in cart template and fix logic when stock management is off.
  • Fix – Added log_id as the secondary sorting column to log list so log entries sort correctly.
  • Fix – Fix shop page when using shop base and UTF8 shop page slug.
  • Fix – Added handles so drag and drop does not break edit on mobile when sorting categories.
  • Fix – Added ABSPATH checks to all files.
  • Fix – Fixed how to flush rewrite rules after saving the shop main page.
  • Fix – Emails sent via admin should switch to global locale.
  • Fix – Set and restore wp_query so product page functions think it’s a real product page.
  • Fix – Variation default value of ‘0’ fails to save on product.
  • Fix – Prevent locations being added to the “Rest Of The World” shipping zone via the API.
  • Dev – Allow date created to be set in wc_create_refund.
  • Dev – Introduced a [WC_Order_Query class](https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/wiki/wc_get_orders-and-WC_Order_Query) for finding/searching orders.
  • Dev – Added “restored” webhook.
  • Dev – Support floats for the custom attribute name sorting function.
  • Dev – Updated Emogrifier to version 1.2.
  • Dev – Sort product data tabs by priority in admin screen.
  • Dev – Added new hooks for: dashboard reviews widget, product and category sorting events, woocommerce_add_to_cart_sold_individually_found_in_cart, cart empty messages.
  • Dev – Added filters for zoom / flexslider / photoswipe enabling.
  • Dev – Added filter for cookie name.
  • Dev – Added ability to filter Photoswipe lightbox options.
  • Dev – Added new filter for product thumbnail size.
  • Dev – Added action for displaying custom data for fees in admin.
  • Dev – Changed build_payload from private to public in webhook system.
  • Dev – Added deprecated notice to WC_Order_Item_Meta (deprecated in 3.0).
  • Dev – Added namespace to jQuery events that are removed in VariationForm.
  • Dev – Made WC_Checkout::get_posted_data() public.
  • Dev – Add custom message for custom system status tools.
  • Dev – Added filters to change which order items are created and loaded to support custom item types.
  • Dev – Updated jQuery payment and serializejson libraries.
  • Localization – Added Bolivian states.
  • Localization – Use VAT for Norway instead of Tax.

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