WooCommerce 3.2.0 Changelog


3.2.0 – 2017-10-11

  • Feature – Coupons can now be applied and removed in admin when editing unpaid orders.
  • Feature – Simplified the ability to resend order details to customers with a single “Resend Order Details” action.
  • Feature – Added store street address, city and postal code to settings for use by plugins.
  • Feature – Wrapping values in quotes now let’s you use commas in the product CSV importer.
  • Feature – If a fatal error occurs, WooCommerce will catch and log it to be viewed in WC > Status > Logs.
  • Feature – Drag and drop sorting on the grouped product field to control display order.
  • Feature – Integrated selectWoo; more accessible Select2 (enhanced select boxes) in admin and on the front-end.
  • Feature – Enhanced select boxes in the shipping calculator.
  • Feature – Enhanced select boxes in layered nav “or” widget.
  • Feature – Ajaxified the product category filter on the products screen.
  • Feature – [products] shortcode can be used in place of other product shortcodes – one shortcode to rule them all.
  • Feature – Added option to control maximum depth of product category widget, and cleaned up widget naming.
  • Feature – Show sorting options when viewing search results. This defaults to sorting by relevance.
  • Feature – Support for the WC tested up to plugin header to show which extensions have been tested against updates.
  • Feature – Helper – Filters on the subscription management screen, update notifications, and support for shared licenses.
  • Tweak – Importer now supports menu_order property, adds filename based titles to imported images, and correctly sets post status of variations.
  • Tweak – Made the buyer phone number clickable in the in the order back-end.
  • Tweak – Clean up user is_paying_customer after deleting an order.
  • Tweak – If stock changes between page load and editing, reject stock changes to avoid incorrect stock changes.
  • Tweak – Disable search engines indexing core, dynamic, cart/checkout pages.
  • Tweak – Added shortcodes to description output in structured data, and improved variable product data.
  • Tweak – Use AJAX when restoring an item in the cart, and removing an item from the mini-cart.
  • Tweak – On-boarding: added “next” button to pointers and allowed them to be dismissed.
  • Tweak – Display post states for WC pages e.g. shop, checkout etc.
  • Tweak – Improved order tracking page display and validation.
  • Tweak – Wizard improvements, with store-owner newsletter sign-up.
  • Tweak – Improved tax calculations on negative fees by apportioning to all items.
  • Tweak – Added logic to install the plugins and themes asynchronously without using wp-cron.
  • Tweak – Modify product API returned data by context.
  • Tweak – Move js clipboards off of zeroclipboard script.
  • Tweak – Remove spam trap field from registration form.
  • Tweak – Added screen reader text to quantity input template.
  • Fix – Improved error handling in the CSV importer when invalid files are uploaded.
  • Fix – Handle full refunds in tax report by date.
  • Fix – API – Return empty result when there is no on_sale products.
  • Fix – Fixed WC_Emails::wrap_message hooks .
  • Fix – Load up gateways on ajax order status transitions so PayPal funds capture when order is completed.
  • Fix – Replace wistia videos with youtube.
  • Fix – Handle sale dates on the fly in case of missed cron schedule.
  • Fix – If sorting by date in the REST API, fallback to ID so searches are consistant.
  • Fix – Do not apply custom sorting to product feeds.
  • Fix – Make importer columns case-insensitive.
  • Dev – Make parse_date_for_wp_query public.
  • Dev – API – Creating webhooks uses the current API version rather than the latest API version.
  • Dev – Product CRUD search helpers.
  • Dev – Refactor shipping rate to include instance IDs, and pass instance IDs through filters.
  • Dev – New attribute helper functions.
  • Dev – Order note helper functions.
  • Dev – Added the “Terms and conditions” page to the api system status report.
  • Dev – Made date inputs reusable.
  • Dev – Added option for merging when using ‘Order Again’ via filter woocommerce_empty_cart_when_order_again.
  • Dev – Added system status tool for re-populating order address search indexes.
  • Dev – Added system status tool for clearing webhook logs.
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_get_asset_url filter.
  • Dev – Show notice when internal meta props are accessed directly.
  • Dev – Improve meta data updates so data is only updated when changed.
  • Dev – Improved get_filtered_term_product_counts performance.
  • Dev – Introduced wc_get_account_orders_actions function.
  • Dev – wc_get_account_formatted_address can get address by customer ID.
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_get_product_id_by_sku filter.
  • Dev – Refactored cart to use new WC_Cart_Session/WC_Cart_Totals/WC_Cart_Fees/WC_Discounts classes.
  • Dev – New WC_Shortcode_Products class to handle all product based shortcodes.
  • Theming – Display downloads in their own table, universally, using a new template file.
  • Theming – Streamlined email templates content: using the new downloads table, moved billing email with the billing address, order notes into the order totals table, and removed the need for ‘downloadable’ subjects/headings.
  • Theming – Checkout: Order pay template
  • Localization – Added cantons of Switzerland.
  • Localization – Updated XAF and XOF currency codes.
  • Localization – Added rtl support for activation.css.
  • Localization – Updated Mexican states to use correct 2 letter codes.
  • Localization – Improved many strings by excluding HTML.
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements – see GitHub!

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