WooCommerce 3.3.5 Changelog


3.3.5 – 2018-04-10

  • Fix – Shop page notice should not appear when editing the “Hello World!” page.
  • Fix – Inconsistent order item refund sign.
  • Fix – Change `wc_get_price_excluding_tax` to not round the return value so calculations in admin are not pre-rounded.
  • Fix – Use minimum price instead of maximum price when ordering variable products from low to high on term archives.
  • Fix – `order` and `orderby` on shop page when using rewrite rules.
  • Fix – Ajax loading spinner when using twentyseventeen theme.
  • Fix – Out of Stock products change stock to On Backorder when imported to update existing products.
  • Fix – Visibility dropdown not responding in quick edit when stock management is disabled.
  • Fix – Featured paramenter in products endpoint on REST API.
  • Fix – Linebreaks in order item meta.
  • Fix – Product rating count when updated by admin.
  • Tweak – Define array before attempting to append to it.
  • Tweak – Change WC WP-CLI commands default per_page value to 100.
  • Tweak – Ensure background process class returns `data` as an array.
  • Tweak – Increase orders table checkbox column size on small devices.
  • Tweak – Better support for infinite scroll in Jetpack.

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