WooCommerce 3.3 Changelog


3.3.0 2018-01-3

  • Feature – Improved default appearance in themes which do not support WooCommerce, making the shop page shortcode based.
  • Feature – Products shortcodes; improved random sorting, with some caching.
  • Feature – Products shortcodes; support for pagination.
  • Feature – Added new options to the WordPress Appearance Customizer; control the product grid (rows and columns), and image sizes.
  • Feature – Improved how image sizes are defined and calculated. Set an aspect ratio (custom, 1:1, uncropped) and image sizes will be automagically calculated based on widths.
  • Feature – Changing image sizes will trigger automatic thumbnail regeneration in the background.
  • Feature – Improved how downloads are stored within products, and added new reporting/logging features to track who downloaded what, when.
  • Feature – Improved the overall appearance of the backend orders list, and added a new ‘preview’ button to quickly see order details.
  • Feature – New default sample data and placeholders.
  • Feature – Added sandbox and live API details to the PayPal standard data, as well as an indication on the checkout to what mode is currently active. PayPal IPN email notifications are also now optional.
  • Feature – Introduced product category threshold filter (woocommerce_product_category_filter_threshold). AJAX powered select will kick in when you have over 100 categories.
  • Feature – Added add_to_cart_description method and aria-labels to cart buttons in the loop for accessibility.
  • Feature – Ability to search in logs when the database logger is used.
  • Performance – Adjusted how permalinks are retrieved and saved to avoid switching locales on each page load.
  • Performance – Added cache when loading product variation attributes.
  • Fix – Fix wc_notice_count logic.
  • Fix – Correct bulk edit price formatting.
  • Fix – Ajax add-to-cart button shortcode fix for variations.
  • Tweak – Update billing if account form changes.
  • Tweak – Remove videos from help sections.
  • Tweak – Preserve seconds when saving order date.
  • Tweak – Allow quantities less than 1, but not 0, in admin.
  • Tweak – Post types with no archives should not show in breadcrumb.
  • Tweak – Only load session handler class on frontend not during cron.
  • Tweak – Moved the ‘Store Notice” option into the customizer.
  • Tweak – Checkout Postcode / Zip validation error message was missing Billing / Shipping Identification.
  • Tweak – Added Iris color picker validation.
  • Tweak – Use scrollIntoView on checkout.
  • Tweak – Converted input submit elements to button submit elements across the entire codebase for consistency.
  • Tweak – Added {site_title} replacement for email footers.
  • Tweak – Added delete product confirmation if a product has had sales.
  • Tweak – Improved when “incl. VAT” is displayed in cart totals.
  • Tweak – Use base text color for links in email templates.
  • Tweak – Show theme overrides that are done through the wc_get_template filter in the system status report.
  • Tweak – Added nofollow tags in layered nav to prevent duplicate indexed content.
  • Tweak – Hide “incl. VAT” when no rates are defined in “single total” display mode.
  • Tweak – Added replay protection for refunds.
  • Tweak – GeoDB empty file handling.
  • Tweak – Let wp_signon handle email to username conversion.
  • Tweak – Made email field wider on checkout.
  • Tweak – Post entire shipping selection when showing multiple packages.
  • Dev – REST API – Orders should be created for users who exist on the site only.
  • Dev – REST API – Fixed default value of “dp” on orders and refunds endpoints.
  • Dev – Theming – Added theme support variables to declare image sizes used for products.
  • Dev – Theming – Added support for single-product-postname.php template files.
  • Dev – Added actions before calculations order totals and taxes and is_vat_excempt support.
  • Dev – Add filter ‘woocommerce_coupon_get_apply_quantity’.
  • Dev – Grouped products; added filters to allow custom columns and changes to values.
  • Dev – Allow for cloning the WC_Cart object
  • Dev – Apply filters to registration-error-email-exists error.
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_cross_sells_order filter.
  • Dev – Add order-details before hooks to complement existing hooks.
  • Dev – WC_CHUNK_SIZE constant for controlling readfile.
  • Dev – Add short circuit to customer bought product function.
  • Dev – Added a wc_caught_exception method to aid with logging.
  • Dev – Added Data stores and CRUD for working with Webhooks.
  • Dev – Bumped minimum WP version requirement to 4.5 and removed legacy API files.
  • Dev – New actions – woocommerce_order_details_before_order_table_items, woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table_items and woocommerce_order_details_before_order_table
  • Dev – Passed widget_id to content-widget-product.php so actions can be ran conditionally, and added sanitisation to woocommerce_before_widget_product_list and woocommerce_after_widget_product_list.
  • Dev – Improved the is_internal_meta_key checks to consider getters and setters.
  • Dev – Cleaned up the Order Customer Details template.
  • Dev – JavaScript payment_method_selected events on checkout.
  • Dev – Add new $order->get_edit_order_url() method.
  • Dev – Pass through options to zoom, flexslider, and photoswipe.
  • Dev – Added actions before and after scheduled sales initiation and completion.
  • Localization – Add direction character to currency output.
  • Localization – States for Tanzania and Moldova.

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