How can I add a YouTube video to a post

It’s extremely easy to embed a YouTube video (and many other content types) into your WordPress site. This feature was added way back in WordPress 2.9 and more content types have been added since.

How to embed YouTube and other types of content

To embed a YouTube video or other content object into a post or page, place its URL into the content edit area. The URL needs to be on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable like a text link). Here’s a quick example:

Screenshot of embedding a YouTube video in WordPress

Embed with a shortcode

Another option is to wrap the URL in a shortcode:

Screenshot of video embed with a shortcode

So what sites can you embed content from?

Here’s a list of current sites that are white-listed within WordPress for embedding:

ServiceEmbed TypeSince
AnimotoVideosWordPress 4.0
BlipVideosWordPress 2.9
CloudupVideos, Galleries, ImagesWordPress 4.4
CollegeHumorVideosWordPress 4.0
DailyMotionVideosWordPress 2.9
FlickrVideos & ImagesWordPress 2.9
FunnyOrDie.comVideosWordPress 3.0
HuluVideosWordPress 2.9
ImgurImagesWordPress 3.9
InstagramImagesWordPress 3.5
IssuuDocumentsWordPress 4.0
KickstarterProjectsWordPress 4.2
Meetup.comVariousWordPress 3.9
MixcloudMusicWordPress 4.0
PhotobucketImagesWordPress 2.9
PollDaddyPolls & SurveysWordPress 3.0
RedditPosts & CommentsWordPress 4.4
ReverbNationMusicWordPress 4.4
ScribdDocumentsWordPress 2.9
SlideSharePresentation slideshowsWordPress 3.5
SmugMugVariousWordPress 3.0
SoundCloudMusicWordPress 3.5
Speaker DeckPresentation slideshowsWordPress 4.4
SpotifyMusicWordPress 3.6
TEDVideosWordPress 4.0
TumblrVariousWordPress 4.2
TwitterSocial mediaWordPress 3.4
VideoPressVideosWordPress 4.4
VimeoVideosWordPress 2.9
VineVideosWordPress 4.1
WordPress.tvVideosWordPress 2.9
YouTubeVideosWordPress 2.9

This list will probably continue to grow over time, so check back now and again for an updated list.

jetpack plugin banner

Extend available shortcodes with Jetpack

If you happen to use Jetpack, the plugin extends the number of embeds quite a bit:



Images and Documents


Shortcodes for adding a blog archive index, contact form, polls, and more.

Module-Dependent Shortcode
This shortcode only works when the corresponding module is enabled.

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