How to add emoji to a WordPress post

Emojis have become a regular part of life with the proliferation of messaging apps. They’re cute, quick, and can put emotion on a text based message that would otherwise come across flat. So let’s get that emotion on your website ????

Short list of smiley emoticons
Smileys, Emojis, and ASCII – oh my!

WordPress has emoji support built in

WordPress added native support for emoji in version 4.2, so adding one is relatively easy. On a desktop, one of the easiest ways is to copy and paste from a pre-existing list. Check out for an easy to search list. Simply copy the one you want, and paste it into the WordPress edit window.

Modern operating systems have emoji available. If you’re using Mac for example here’s how to

Accessing emoji in OS X and MacOS

  1. Click the Edit menu from any application
  2. Select “Emoji & Symbols”
  3. A small popup will appear allowing access to emoji and many other special characters.

What about Smileys?

Emoji and Smileys are not quite the same. Emoji are created differently, and handled differently by operating systems and web browsers. That said, you can still use smileys in WordPress. Here’s a few examples:

;-) = ????
:-) = ????
:-( = ????
:-? = ????

If you type any of these characters in the WordPress edit window, they will be automatically converted into the equivalent emoticon.

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