How to Add an Item to an Existing Order in WooCommerce


  1. Wondering if there’s any update on this now in 2021…I need an “Add To Order” option at checkout on my store asap… I know similar webstores as mine have this option. Customers can select this option at checkout and there’s a fixed fee to pay (plus the item’s price). So they avoid paying full price for shipping a second time and it would be so easy for us logistically…



    1. Hi Bruno, your request sounds a bit different that what we mentioned in this article… It sounds like you need a ‘keep shopping’ notice on the checkout? If so that should be relatively straight forward to add. Start a chat with us and I can explain further, or send us an email at

  2. Paul

    Hi Bryan probably I misunderstanding the use case as I don’t see any mis-conduct. Let’s say my client made and paid the order. As you said in your article, it calls to add an extra product. I update the existing order and send the updated order’s url to the client for paying (either by card or bank transfer).

    Why is shouldn’t be possible? What I’m missing is that when I update the order adding the extra, the link show the whole new order total to be paid, while there should be the extra only. If I also update the main product to $0 there would be like a discount for the main product but that is just wrong.

    1. Bryan Hoffman

      That’s an interesting approach Paul but as you mentioned it misses the main point – adding more products to an existing, paid for order. Since the order is complete, there’s no built in way to re-open the order. And after all these years it seems the KISS principle still applies here. Just create a new order and adjust the shipping costs. Simple and straight forward.

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