Visual Composer 5.4.1 automatic update issue

We manage a lot of sites that use Visual Composer. While it’s not our favorite page builder, it’s certainly very popular. We recently received notice that the 5.4.1 version contained a bug preventing automatic updates of upcoming versions. Since updating VC has never been as straight forward as other premium WordPress plugins, this is a little frustrating to say the least.

How to fix the Visual Composer 5.4.1 update issue

There’s a couple of ways to solve this issue. WPBakery has released an updated version, 5.4.2. If you have an active license, you may have received an email directly from them about it. We also received notice from CodeCanyon announcing an updated version. You’ll need to download the latest version and upload via FTP or though the WordPress plugin system. If uploading through WordPress, delete Visual Composer from your plugin list first.

You can also fix it manually by updating class-vc-updater.php:

  • Through FTP, open: wp-content/plugins/js_composer/included/classes/updaters/class-vc-updater.php
  • On line 32, locate¬†public $title = 'WPBakery WPBakery Page Builder';
  • Change to:¬†public $title = 'WPBakery Page Builder';
  • Save file

Judging from the change made, this looks like a simple duplication error. Good on WPBakery for putting out a quick fix.

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