WordPress Software Updates

Cinch keeps your WordPress software up-to-date with a managed process designed not to break your site.

Stay safe with managed software updates

Hackers often target out-of-date software to gain entry into your website’s code or database, using loopholes and vulnerabilities to their advantage. Old software can slow down your site, conflict with browsers and prevent you from using the best, most current functionality available from WordPress.

Cinch makes it easy by first updating your WordPress site, then always keeping it up-to-date. We’ll automatically update your WordPress core files, plugins and themes as needed on a daily basis to keep your site safe and securely operating.

Our WordPress Software Update Process

We check every day for out of date plugins, themes, and WordPress core software and apply all patches as needed. If anything breaks we can always roll back the update and investigate.

WordPress Core

WordPress Themes

WordPress Plugins

Keeping up with upgrades can be a laborious maintenance task: reviewing latest versions, checking compatibility between WordPress core files and plugins, and running the update process.

WordPress Software Updates are automatically included in our Essential Support WordPress maintenance plan.

What about Premium Plugins and Themes?

Premium themes and plugins need to be kept updated just like standard, or free, plugins and themes. We update every plugin/theme that we’re allowed to. From time to time, we find a premium plugin installed on a customer’s site that has not been licensed or has expired. If we’re not able to update it, we will contact you about getting it licensed and updated.

WooCommerce Extensions

Theme Forest Themes

Avada / Fusion Builder

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