WooCommerce set default product category


  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the quick tutorial. I didn’t know it was this easy! I was searching for code snippet for doing this. Haha!

  2. Hello,
    How can I undo this process
    I accidentally clicked “Make Default” on a category
    How can I make the “Browse All” default

    1. Hi Rawan,
      WooCommerce uses the standard WordPress taxonomy system, so there will always be a default category here. You can’t really make them all default. The only thing this really affects is what category a new product you set up will be in.

  3. Paolo

    Thanks for this tutorial.
    I never figured out it was so easy.

  4. Hi, thanks for the write. I wish to set the product category to show latest contents first. How do i go about that, pls?

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