WooCommerce 3.6.3 Changelog

3.6.3 – 2019-05-16

  • Fix – State not required for Serbia. #23430
  • Fix – # symbol in product category name broke product export. #23454
  • Fix – XML export caused fatal errors due to Action Scheduler adding invalid characters. #23456
  • Fix – Invalid password messages when password contains backslashes. #23499
  • Fix – Dismiss button in WC admin notices “legacy_shipping” and “no_shipping_methods” were not clickable. #23517
  • Fix – WC $wpdb->tables not defined early enough. #23529
  • Fix – Tracks JS not printed on last page of OBW. #23519
  • Fix – Error in the logic used to build fields for external products when the query string contained full-stops, pluses or spaces in the values of the parameters. #23535
  • Fix – UI page width issue on OBW. #23526
  • Fix – Customer address not auto populated on checkout after registering and filling in address prior. #23528
  • Fix – Available WooCommerce extension updates not showing in System Status report. #23601
  • Fix – wc_change_get_terms_defaults throwing undefined index notices. #23611
  • Fix – System Status report alway showing checkmark next to Connected to WooCommerce.com. #23617
  • Fix – State field never populated when loading customer address on order via wp-admin. #23615
  • Fix – Order sorting not working in wp-admin when Yoast SEO active. #23590
  • Fix – Attribute ordering not working in product edit screen. #23625
  • Fix – Tracks reporting incorrect order totals due to refunds being excluded in calculation. #23671
  • Fix – Reload state options when creating a new order in WP-Admin and changing country. #23602
  • Fix – New webhooks not showing in the webhook admin list page when you have object caching enabled. #23713
  • Fix – Missing coupon expiry dates, restore coupons expiry_date backward compatibility. #23714
  • Fix – Bulk stock update could result in all products set to out of stock, change ensures consistency between db and Product instance in memory. #23534
  • Fix – Dashboard stats widget including unpublished products in out of stock and low in stock counts. #23734
  • Fix – PayPal payment not captured when you transition an order from a custom order status to completed or processing. #23634
  • Tweak – Confirm before saving empty list of countries to sell to in settings. #23597
  • Tweak – Change default WC API version used when creating webhooks to the latest WC API version. #23515
  • Tweak – Report a bug button now points to the new issue template in GitHub. #23580
  • Tweak – Do not display taxes in totals columns when taxes not enabled. #23579
  • Tweak – WC WP-CLI upgrade routine mimics wp-admin upgrade when no updates found by setting DB version to current version. #23666
  • Tweak – Template caching now cache based on WC_VERSION to avoid issues with symlinked plugin folders. #23546
  • Tweak – OBW payment gateway selection defaults. #23690
  • Localization – Add Serbia locale defaults. #23428


Yes, they have fixed too many bugs in 3.6.3. Its time to upgrade the woocommerce.

Thanks for writing.


    I’m very glad the WooCommerce team continues to update, improve, and secure WooCommerce. Thanks for leaving a comment Somnath.


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